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Rosé in a changing K-Pop landscape: Evolution of a solo artist

BLACKPINK’s Rosé: From Groundbreaking Solo Debut to K-Pop World Domination

Rosé in a changing K-Pop landscape: Evolution of a solo artist
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Rosé, the superstar vocalist of BLACKPINK, isn’t just making waves; she’s breaking records. Her chart-topping solo hit “On the Ground” landed her in the history books as the first solo K-Pop artist to ever top the US Billboard Global chart. But there’s more to Rosé than just catchy tunes. She’s also become a powerful voice in the world of music, earning a spot on Variety’s prestigious Power of Young Hollywood list.

Being part of BLACKPINK, one of the biggest K-Pop groups on the planet, comes with its fair share of pressure. “There are times when it feels like a lot of weight,” Rosé admits.

But instead of buckling under the pressure, she and her bandmates use it as fuel to push their creativity and break new artistic ground. Their upcoming second studio album, “Born Pink,” dropping in September, is a testament to their dedication to evolution and innovation.

Rosé’s solo foray, the debut EP “-R-,” released in March 2021, showcased her artistic individuality while staying true to her musical roots. “I brought the same work ethic to my solo music, but I wanted to make sure it had its own distinct sound,” she explains. Exploring new genres and experimenting with fresh musical ideas is clearly a passion for Rosé.

“I’m always digging for new sounds and inspiration,” she says, “and there are so many genres I’m excited to explore.” Sharing her solo work with the world, she adds, was an incredibly empowering experience.

While BLINKS (BLACKPINK fans) might have to wait a while for more solo goodness from Rosé, they won’t be waiting long for the whole group to shine. BLACKPINK’s pre-release single “Pink Venom” drops on August 19th, followed by the full album “Born Pink” on September 16th. Get ready for an electrifying explosion of K-Pop magic, courtesy of these unstoppable superstars.


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