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sandeep maheshwari vs vivek bindra fight big scam

The Epic Battle: Sandeep Maheshwari vs Vivek Bindra Big scam

sandeep maheshwari vs vivek bindra fight big scam
source of timesnownews

“Vivek Bindra, a renowned figure, has been embroiled in several controversies. One of the most shocking incidents involved allegations of domestic abuse. It was reported that shortly after his wedding, Bindra allegedly assaulted his wife, Yanika. The severity of the assault was such that Yanika’s hearing was affected, and her phone was destroyed.

Bindra’s controversies are not limited to his personal life. He has also faced accusations from fellow YouTuber and motivational speaker, Sandeep Maheshwari. Maheshwari released a video titled ‘Big Scam Exposed’, accusing Bindra of running a deceptive business course. The course, which allegedly involved taking substantial amounts of money from students, was likened to multi-level marketing and was said to amount to nearly ₹500 crore. Bindra refuted these allegations on his YouTube channel, leading to an escalation in their conflict.

In June 2022, Bindra faced criticism from the Sikh community for an animated depiction of Guru Gobind Singh in one of his videos. This led to demands for an apology, which Bindra eventually issued.

Another significant controversy involved the Indian Medical Association (IMA). The IMA sued Bindra in 2018 for defamatory remarks against doctors. Despite the threat of an impending suit asking for upwards of $7 million from him, he won and prevailed because all was set aside as a just exercise of freedom to speak out.

These events show lots of problems with Vivek Bindra, making people see him in a complicated way.

The latest video has added to the drama and the contrived moment yet again. The feud does not seem to end anytime soon, as Maheshwari shared another video, this time attracting Bindra directly. Notbay and Maheswari hadn’t named Bindra in his previous video.

The video was shared on the Maheshwari YouTube channel. The post was captioned, “Stop Vivek Bindra # Stop Vivek Bindra| by Sandeep Maheswari.” He also shared a few videos of other ‘victims, one of whom was a man who even threatened to commit suicide if he did not get his money back from Bindra.


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