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Trump bemoans record stock market as just making 'rich people

Trump Laments Record Highs as Riches Pile Up for “Elite,” Eyes Inflation as 2024 Weapon

Trump bemoans record stock market as just making 'rich people
source of yahoo news

Donald Trump, the ex-president who once gleefully touted a booming stock market as his own creation, took a decidedly different tack on Sunday amidst record highs. Addressing a rally in Reno, Nevada, Trump declared that soaring market indices do nothing but “make rich people richer.

This ironic stance marks a sharp turn from his 2017-2021 presidency, where Trump consistently boasted of the rising market as a testament to his economic “genius.” But facing a potential 2024 rematch with President Biden, the narrative has shifted.

Embracing a populist rhetoric, Trump attempted to weaponize the very market he once celebrated. “The stock market is making rich people richer,” he told supporters, his voice tinged with resentment. “Is that what you want?”

The applause was tepid. Sensing the need for a more potent attack, Trump quickly pivoted to a familiar foe: inflation. “Biden’s inflation catastrophe is demolishing your savings and ravaging your dreams,” he thundered, painting a bleak picture of economic hardship under his successor.

Despite recent data showing inflation on a downward trend, coupled with rising wages and low unemployment, Trump doubled down on his apocalyptic imagery. “We are a nation whose economy is collapsing into a cesspool,” he declared, seemingly ignoring the glaring disparity between his words and reality.

This targeted focus on economic woes is no coincidence. As November 2024 looms, Trump is aiming to exploit the anxieties of everyday Americans struggling with rising costs. Whether this populist messaging, starkly contrasting his previous market-boosting persona, will resonate with voters remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Republican nomination race heats up. Iowa kicks off the process on January 15th, followed by Nevada on February 8th. Trump, though facing a slew of legal challenges and over 90 criminal charges, maintains a comfortable lead in most polls. However, a CBS News/YouGov poll released Sunday hinted at a potential challenger emerging – former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley.

In New Hampshire, the second state to vote, Haley has narrowed the gap to a worrying 29% for Trump, who still holds 44% support. Clearly sensing this threat, Trump used his Nevada speech to take a swipe at Haley, mockingly asking, “Nikki Haley – where’s the surge?”

The 2024 Republican primary promises to be a fascinating spectacle, pitting a populist-tinged Trump against a rising Haley and other contenders. Whether Trump can successfully reconcile his previous market celebration with his newfound economic populism remains a key question. One thing’s for sure: the road to the Republican nomination will be paved with sharp rhetoric, shifting narratives, and possibly, a good dose of irony.


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