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Pokémon GO Update Roundup: Catch Everything New in the Wild!

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Trainers, assemble! It’s time to catch up on all the exciting updates and news rocking the world of Pokémon GO. Get ready for a Sinnoh-sized adventure, because things are heating up in Niantic’s mobile masterpiece.

1. Prepare for the Pokémon GO Tour: Sinnoh!

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The main event is just around the corner! Pokémon GO Tour: Sinnoh takes place on February 25th and 26th, promising a legendary experience for Sinnoh enthusiasts. Get ready to encounter all sorts of Sinnoh Pokémon, including regional variants, legendaries, and even the debut of Hisuian forms like Decidueye! Special research tasks, raids, and challenges await, so mark your calendars and start planning your strategy.

2. Shadow Kyogre and Ho-Oh in Rocket Raids!

Team GO Rocket is shaking things up with powerful shadow legendaries. Shadow Kyogre joins Giovanni’s arsenal, while Shadow Ho-Oh makes its fiery debut in Shadow Raids. Be prepared for intense battles and potentially snag these coveted shadow shinies for your collection.

3. Annihilape pummels into Battle Week!

The Rage Monkey Pokémon, Annihilape, explodes onto the scene during Battle Week (February 6th to 12th). This fierce fighter promises exciting new challenges and a chance to add this unique Pokémon to your battle roster.

4. Eggs-pedition Access: Hatching Fun for Everyone!

February brings Eggs-Pedition Access, a special event focused on hatching eggs. Expect increased egg spawns, bonus rewards for hatching, and maybe even some rare surprises lurking inside those fragile shells.

5. Hisuian Typhlosion Blazes into Raid Day!

Before the Sinnoh Tour unfolds, prepare to face Hisuian Typhlosion in a special Raid Day event on February 4th. This fiery starter from Hisui offers another chance to add a unique regional variant to your team.

6. Lunar New Year Celebrations Continue!

The festive mood lingers as Pokémon GO extends its Lunar New Year festivities. Look for special encounters, themed research tasks, and lucky Pokémon with festive hats until February 5th.

7. Adventure Effects from Dialga and Palkia!

The Origin Forme variants of Dialga and Palkia bring more than just power to the game. These majestic legendaries also grant special adventure effects when placed in gyms, offering bonuses like increased stardust or candy for nearby trainers.

8. A Dazzling Dream Event Shines Ahead!

Get ready for some sparkly surprises at the upcoming Dazzling Dream Event. Details are still under wraps, but expect fairy-type Pokémon to take center stage, offering increased spawns, special raids, and maybe even some dazzling new shinies.

9. FENDI x FRGMT x POKÉMON Collaboration!

Fashion meets fantasy as iconic fashion brand FENDI teams up with FRGMT and Pokémon for a unique collaboration. Look forward to stylish avatar items inspired by this high-profile partnership, adding a touch of luxury to your trainer’s wardrobe.

10. And much more!

This is just a taste of what’s to come in Pokémon GO. Keep your eyes peeled for ongoing events, bonus opportunities, and surprise appearances from your favorite Pokémon. With the Sinnoh Tour approaching and new features on the horizon, the world of Pokémon GO is more exciting than ever!

So, trainers, grab your Poké Balls, lace up your walking shoes, and get ready for an action-packed February in Pokémon GO! The adventures of the Sinnoh region await, and there’s a whole lot more to discover beyond the horizon. Happy hunting!


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